others have told their tales... now I will tell mine

31 August 1980
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There was once a great Livejournal civilization that included all the peeps you see on my "friends" list. From 2001 to 2004 our society flourished, but began to decline in 2005 with the growing popularity of MySpace, and the advent of Facebook appeared to be the final nail in Livejournal's coffin.

But now the Exodus Inward has begun. Facebook and MySpace have become decadent and ungovernable. A near-unlimited capacity for customization and networking on these sites has created an unclean, sickly society rife with sexual perversion, narcissism, and disingenuous posting/messaging/commenting.

The glory of our Livejournal civilization was found in its simplicity, and its powerful resistance to unwanted intrusion. For four years our culture soared, a gilded-winged shield maiden gliding above the blackened, bloody field that is the Internet. We stood as a shining testament to the grandeur that could yet stand upon such unsteady ground. Now what was mighty founders for the allure of multiple pages of userpics, embedded mp3s and videos, and hierarchical organization of one's "friends."

Abundance of choice will lead to decay, and the sheep will return to the fold. The Exodus Inward will reunite was what rent asunder. It is easy to break what was never a whole, but whole we once were and shall be once more.

We call upon our old comrades to shrug off the corporate mind-control of Facebook and Myspace and come back with us to our Soul Home!